ZOOM Studio

In these strange times we are having I am providing an option for you to join me in a virtual setting where we can meet on ZOOM and through the use of a document camera you can watch as I draw your caricature. This is appropriate for small groups and individuals although larger groups can be hosted as well, it just comes down to how much time you want to take. For groups I charge an hourly rate of $100/hr. Each individual can expect to take somewhere between 6 and 7 minutes in “the Studio” so that can be used to figure how to handle the group you are entertaining. If I am working strictly with an individual I will charge a per drawing price of $15. I will provide an electronic file of the drawing which will be emailed to you as well as snail mail the original art soon thereafter.  I ask for electronic payments up front unless other arrangements need to be made. Options include Square Cash, Apple Pay & Venmo.

The ZOOM Studio although created because of the COVID situation can be used anywhere whenever I am available so I can work virtually anywhere in the country or the world for that matter. So if you’re game, contact me through this website and we’ll set up a time to have a little fun together.